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Celebrating Children in Need

This week is Children in Need and we have been listening to 'Praying for Time' By Goerge Michael.

Star Awards

Class 1

Bethany and Megan for always trying hard.

George and Marek for super enthusiasm in Maths


Class 2

Sam C, Lily, Sebastian and Rose tried really hard in their Class Assembly.


Class 3

Thomas W, Angus and Archie for great work in RE

Hayden for excellent grid method.

And in other news

Friday table this week – Thomas, Hayden, Olivia C, Archie W and Alice

Happy Birthday to Amelia, Thomas and Lexi

Beth has received a Blue Peter badge.

Polly has got her swimming badge.


It’s that time of the week again!

This week is Anti Bullying week.




Star Assembly

Class 3

Layla for working hard with Ms Spark in Maths

Archie and Sophie had good drama skills when interpreting the text

Hayden for an excellent calendar in Computing


Class 2

Henry and Angel for working really hard on their Anti-Bullying poster.

Holly for a good write up in Science

Louis for excellent explanations in Science


Class 1

Eliza for fantastic story writing using adjectives and Story words.

Toby for super thinking in Shape Maths

Beatrice O and Alice for super team work building 'Colour Town' out of 3D shapes


In other news

On Friday Table – Beth, Freya Be, Freya Ba, Megan, Holly
Bronze Award –
Class 2 Amelia, Louis, Penny, Jake, Florence, Sebastian, Ethan, Lily P,
Class 1 Louis D, Marek, Alfie, Bethany, Freya Be, Sophie, Megan, Eliza, Hugo, Lily T
Happy Birthday to Sophie



It’s the end of term but we are still flying high.

This week we have been thinking about 'Looking Forward' and we have been listening to Thriller by Michael Jackson.



Class Awards

Class 1

Abigail and Beatrice O for really working hard since trying hard.

Albie for being brilliant in Class 1

Freya Ba for making a great start to Year 1


Class 2

Florence for excellent descriptive writing, using adjectives, about a leaf

Amelia and Isabelle for beautiful handwriting

Oliver G for great grammar work.


Class 3

Jake, Zak, Hayden and Luca for making 100% effort in Class 3


On Friday table this week

Eliza, Isabelle, Prewa, Luca and Polly


Happy Birthday to Aaron, Evie, Louie, Holly and Michael


Class 2 Visitors

As part of their Science topic on Keeping Healthy Class 2 have had some visitors in school today.

We had Katy and Billy, Kate and Mieka, and Sarah.

The children had to write questions about babies, toddlers and pregnant people keeping healthy. They then all had a turn to ask one of our visitors a question. All the children were very polite and asked some really interesting questions.

Well Done Class 2