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Class 2 Invite Class 1 to a Healthy Picnic

As part of Class 2's Science Topic on 'Keeping Healthy' they had to design and make a healthy picnic to share with someone else.

The children decided what they would like to make and invited Class 1.

Class 2 spent the morning preparing sandwiches, salad and fruit salad.


The children used The Bridge and The Claw cutting techniques.



They then met Class 1 in the hall and enjoyed sharing their food and ideas about healthy picnic food.



Learning to take care

We'll done, many of you have looked after your little heart that Mr Simmons gave you on Monday. You can swap it for your prize at break time.




Star Awards this week

We'll done Jack, Olivia, Edward, Amber and Holly for your fantastic collage work.


Phoebe, Prewa, Alex, Amara and Angus – for your musical instrument designs.


Holly, Evie and Harrison for lovely hand torn collage work.



Thanks for School Council for organising the bun sale today. We'll done Archie for organising the list of children in Class 2 who have paid – very helpful.

We'll done to all the children who got Bronze, Silver and Gold awards today – WOW!!!!


Happy Birthday Elizabeth and Mrs Schofield


Well done Class 1 for a lovely Class Assembly today.

Thanks to all the parents who came to our assembly today. It was great to see you all.