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Life is a journey …

Thanks so much to all the staff and children who have worked so very hard this week.

Well done Freddie for achieving 100% attendance.

Star Awards

Well done to all those who achieved Star Awards this week.

Archie, Theo, Kartaar, Harry, Imogen, Holly, Mena, Lily, Oscar, Isabelle, Maisie, Noah, Sienna.





Thanks so much to all the parental volunteers who come help with guided reading in Class 3. We really appreciate you.

Well done to Archie and Archie for working extremely hard at Times Tables Rock Stars this week.


Happy Birthday Grace.


Have a lovely restful and calm Christmas everyone.



Star Awards

Star Awards this week go to Millie, Nellie, Bethany, Evie, Penny, Isabelle, Henry, Alfie, Megan, Archie, Oscar and Harrison. Well done hall.


Well done to Mena for achieving the status of Rock Legend (knowing your times tables to 12×12 in under 2 seconds) WOW! That makes five of you.


Happy Birthday Jaevel and Freddie



It’s Advent!


Advent means getting ready Christmas. We talked about what Christmas means. We talked about honesty, love of education, respecting religions, helping, adjusting and compromising, never hurting anyone, respect, justice and family.

How do these gifts link to our school values?

Star Awards this week

Rose, Florence, Holly, Nell, Abigail, Ciaran, Eliza, Lexi, Freddie, Oliver, Evie, Elsie.


Well done to Kartaar for his green belt in kick boxing. Well done Amelia for your gymnastics awards. Trixie, Winnie and Nellie have impressed us with their swimming certificates.

Well done Michael for getting your Blue Peter badge.


Well done for achieving your Bronze Award: Maisie, Jaevel



Another hard working week

We had a discussion about random acts of kindness today.

Star Awards this week.

Freya, Harry T, Albi, Sebastian, Amelia, Michael, Alfie, Jacob, Jaevel, Grace, Riley

Well done everyone for being brave for your nasal spray yesterday.




Congratulations on achieving your Bronze Award:

Eliza, Imogen, Oliver, Isobel, Freddie, Jacob, Noah, Evie, Grace, Millie, Sophia, Riley


Well done to those who have been spotted for good manners this week:

Sam, Mena, Louis, Oscar

Happy Birthday Isobel, Lexi, Amelia, Winnie