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We have been looking at British Values this week and have been supporting Sport Relief with a variety of sporting tasks.

Class 1

Winnie for super blending in phonics.

Evie for fantastic knowledge about Magnets.

Isabelle N and Alice for a lovely rhyming poem.


Class 2

Nellie, Toby, Ben and Archie for really good reading.


Class 3

Imogen and Lauren for showing resilience when learning to tell the time.

Elizabeth for fabulous organisation in the Sports Relief events.

Beatrice L for accelerated progress in Guided Reading


Star Awards

Ruby – Ben

Silver – Eliza, Maisie S, Olivia

Bronze – Winnie


In other news

On Friday table this week – Rose, Florence O, Sebastian and Sam C.


Isabelle N, Evie, Beatrice O, Lily T and Alice have got their latest swimming certificates.

Sophie and Elizabeth have got rosettes for a Pony competition.

Penny has got her latest Modern Jazz certificate


It’s Cold but still our stars keep shining

This week we have been thinking about the story of Rama and Sita to help us celebrate Diwali.


Class 1

Thomas P for working really hard on his story mountain for RE

Olivia for super spelling in her RE

Noah for brilliant running at Quad Kids

Alicia for brilliant writing about Meg and Mog


Class 2

Penny for trying hard to edit her work.

Florence for amazing work

Harry SP for settling in really well

Sophie for a great resilient attitude to her work


Class 3

Mena for trying really hard to improve her work.

Jack for settling in so well

Elizabeth for explaining her thinking in Maths and a fabulous Halloween story

Thomas C for writing a super story about Halloween


Stamp card awards

Bronze award – Beth W


In other news

On Friday table this week – Winnie, Nellie, Thomas C and Beatrice O

Happy Birthday – Rose is 8.

Alice has her Swimming Certificate

Polly has a ballet award

Phoebe has taken part in a Hackathon for charity. This was a challenge to ride 100 miles in 100 days. Fantastic achievement.


A cold and blustery Friday with our stars

This week we have king about Motivated.

Class 1

Evie for super thinking about Pumpkin Soup

Isabelle N for being super confident

Hugo for brilliant Maths


Class 2

Freya Be for excellent work all the time

Archie W for lovely writing

Florence for detailed writing

Freya Ba for independent work


Class 3

Mena, Layla and Holly for excellent using column addition for 5 digit numbers

Thomas C for super independent work in Maths


On Friday table for beautiful manners are:

Megan W, Bethany T, Maisie B, Maisie S


In other news

Theodore was presented with a Certificate for being the child who raised the most money as part of our sponsored work last year. He raised an amazing £235

Henry and Thomas P have been awarded football and rugby trophies


A foggy day but our stars are shining bright!

This week we have been thinking about Helping Others and today we are holding our very own Macmillan Coffee Morning.


Star Awards

Class 1

Lexi and Abigail for excellent work about their Journey to School

Maisie for super enthusiasm

Freddie for brilliant blending in phonics


Class 2

Penny, Freya Ba, Ben, Sam T for excellent drawing and colouring for their superhero work.


Class 3

Elizabeth and Phoebe for excellent work conducting in music

Jake for a mature attitude to his work and helping others

Oscar BH for working hard on his handwriting


Friday table this week – Elsie, Alfie, Abigail, Lexi and Noah.


School council representatives this year

Year 1 Louie D and Polly

Year 2 Archie W and Eliza

Year 3 Jake L and Isabelle S

Year 4 Holly and Ethan

Year 5 Danny and Prewa

Well done everyone.


In other news

Happy Birthday to Oscar G


Friday Stars

This week we have been thinking about 'Being Special and Unique'.



Star Awards

Class 1

Elsie for learning her sounds

Abigail for always trying her best

Alfie for being very independent

Lily T for excellent Maths


Class 2

Eliza and Bethany for super Superhero writing

Isabelle for trying really hard with everything

Evie for being an excellent role model


Class 3

Beth for a very mature attitude to all her work.

Ethan for overcoming a fear and taking part in all activities

Phoebe for an excellent start to Year 5

Oscar BH and Oscar G for excellent knowledge of timestables

Aaron for fantastic independent learning at home to deepen his knowledge


And in other news

Some of Class 2 children took part in the School Cross Country at Shepley. Rose came 3rd in her race fantastic! Well done to Megan, Archie W, Bethany, Rose, Nellie, Sebastian, Henry, Florence, Isabelle, Jake L, Michael, Penny, Harrison, Sam C, Albie, Bobbie-Leigh, Toby, Louis and Archie S.

Lily T has got her Stage 3 Swimming Certificate.

Alice and Lily T completed the Summer Reading Challenge.

Happy Birthday to Albie


Our first full Star Assembly

Welcome to our 1st Star Assembly of the year. We have started the year thinking about learning and being an independent learner.


Class 1

Louis D for always trying his best especially in Maths

Isabelle for being amazing in PE

Lexi for doing fantastic independent learning about fossils


Class 2

Amelia for outstanding behaviour

Nellie and Ciaran for trying really hard in Year 2

Harry for settling in and making new friends


Class 3

Thomas C for doing really well at Robinwood

Danny for a lovely poster in RE

Tom H for trying everything at Robinwood


In other news

This week was the Year 4/5 Cross Country at Thurstonland. Phoebe came 11th, Oliver G came 10th and Angel was an amazing 4th.


This Summers reading challenge was completed by Abigail, Penny, Henry, Beatrice, Florence, Thomas P, Bethany, Eliza and Polly.


Holly has got an award for Level 1, 2 and 3 Ice Skating.


Bethany has got her Level 4 Swimming Certificate. Abigail has her Level 3 Swimming Certificate.


Happy Birthday to Oliver G, Nell and Harrison.