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Another hard working week

Headteacher's Awards this week go to:

Milly for working hard in phonics

Noah for always being enthusiastic and eager to learn

Sophia for always being kind and considerate

Jack for being a marvellous reader

Evie and Imogen for careful Christmas art work

Harrison for good behaviour during our rehearsals

Lily for fantastic effort all the time

Archie for being organised in guided reading

Polly for beautiful behaviour during our rehearsals

Trixie and George for really good Christmas writing


Happy Birthday to Noah!




Celebration assembly

Headteacher 's awards

Class 1;

Class 1 have been learning about Wales this week as part of our All Around Britain topic.


Eva for making a fantastic Wales poster.

Louie for learning some amazing facts about Wales.

Lexi for working really hard making your Wales poster.

Beatrice for some amazing Wales facts.


Class 3;

Thomas for facing his fears.

Phoebe for being a fabulous funky dancer.

Prewa for a consistently high level of work.

Holly for trying very hard this year and always laughing at Ms Sparks jokes.


Class 2;

Megan always tries very hard.

Archie superb effort with handwriting.

Amelia for beautiful handwriting.

Eliza lovely writing in paragraphs.




Winnie got awards for cricket and swimming.

Oscar and Thomas got awards for backstroke.


Sports Days;

All of the children tried really hard on Wednesday but in the end the Green Grasshoppers gained the Sports Day Trophy. Thank you to all of the parents who cheered the children along.


Friday celebrations

Head teachers awards this week go to;

Class 1

Abigail for throwing and catching in PE.

Alfie for super effort in writing.

Rhys for fantastic effort in writing.

Maisie for brilliant reading.


Class 2

Albi for superb writing.

Bethany for superb writing.

Michael for fantastic independent writing.

Harrison for always listening carefully.


Class 3

Thomas for excellent homework.

Lauren and Layla for their well prepared talk about art.

Imogen for working so hard in maths.



Some children went to Cliffe House this week and received awards.

Well done to Aaron, Phoebe, Thomas, Elizabeth and Beth.



Harry for football

Freya for ballet

Maisie for karate

Beth for swimming a mile

Noah for cyclocross

Archie for football and cricket

Amelia for gymnastics


Another hard working week



Birthdays this week




Star Awards this week

Noah, Elsie, Maisie and Lily in Class 1

Danny, Beth, Oscar and Jack in class 3

Ciaran, Harry, Rose and Toby in class 2

Friday table this week


Other Achievements

Alice for her stage 6 swimming, Holly for her silver award in ice-skating.

For cyclocross, Lily and Phoebe

Tag Rugby. On Tuesday The B team helped the A team come first in the competition, so congratulations to all that took part for brilliant teamwork.

Thanks to everyone who represented the school at the Neiley Races.


May Day Awards



Star awards this week

Lauren, Zac, Oliver, Layla

Archie, Freya, Isabelle, Penny

Lilly, George, Elsie, Evie

Special awards

Isabelle for swimming 5 metres

Hugo for football under 7s

Penny and Isabelle for swimming

Noah for coming third at cyclocross and a special mention for Maisie and megan for representing the school.

Phoebe for pony club games


Happy Birthday to Isabelle in class 2