Goodbye Year 5



We said goodbye to our Year 5 today.

Leaver's Assembly

Year 5 shared some lovely memories of their time at Birdsedge. Year 4 read their individual tributes to the Y5 pupils which were lovely to hear.

Mr Simmons and Ms Spark handed out special individual awards to each child who is leaving.

Year 5 treated us all to a fantastic dance to the music 'Celebration' by Kool and the Gang.

Thanks very much to Mrs Caven who is leaving today.


Thanks so much to all the parents for your wonderful support over the years.





Head teachers Awards assembly

Friday 13th July

Mr Simmons led the assembly about 'Changes and moving on' as year 5 are leaving us today and will be moving on to their next school. We wish them all the very best.

Head teachers awards

Class 1

Maisie has done amazing writing and sentences this week.

Trixie is fantastic at tidying up

Noah has done some fantastic writing this week

George has been picking up litter on his way to and from school

Class 2

Sophie has made excellent progress in writing

Harry S has improved his reading

Sam T has improved in maths

Class 3

Beatrice has been such a good sport all year

Lily has had great progress in all subjects

Beth for super baking and decorating skills

Oscar BH super effort in maths

Neiley races certificates for taking part go to:

Elizabeth, Sebastian, Sam C, Phoebe, Zak and Michael

Skate dance uk Gold award goes to Holly

Gold awards

Alice, Beatrice, Abigail, Elsie, Louie, Alfie, Maisie B, Noah and Lexi

Ruby award

Eva, Maisie S and Polly,

Sapphire award




Celebration assembly

Headteacher 's awards

Class 1;

Class 1 have been learning about Wales this week as part of our All Around Britain topic.


Eva for making a fantastic Wales poster.

Louie for learning some amazing facts about Wales.

Lexi for working really hard making your Wales poster.

Beatrice for some amazing Wales facts.


Class 3;

Thomas for facing his fears.

Phoebe for being a fabulous funky dancer.

Prewa for a consistently high level of work.

Holly for trying very hard this year and always laughing at Ms Sparks jokes.


Class 2;

Megan always tries very hard.

Archie superb effort with handwriting.

Amelia for beautiful handwriting.

Eliza lovely writing in paragraphs.




Winnie got awards for cricket and swimming.

Oscar and Thomas got awards for backstroke.


Sports Days;

All of the children tried really hard on Wednesday but in the end the Green Grasshoppers gained the Sports Day Trophy. Thank you to all of the parents who cheered the children along.


Friday assembly; changes

This week our assemblies have been all about changes.

Headteachers awards go to

Class 1

Eva for independent research.

George for winning cabre throw.

Louie for winning the javelin.

Freddie for winning the welly throw.


Class 2

Freya for fantastic writing.

Isabelle for consistently working hard.

Sam for a huge improvement in writing.

Evie for lovely handwriting.


Class 3

Oliver, Jack and Aaron for their Science work.

Lauren for Guided Reading.



Danny, Zak Thomas, Thomas, Oliver and Jack all earned certificates




Friday celebrations

Head teachers awards this week go to;

Class 1

Abigail for throwing and catching in PE.

Alfie for super effort in writing.

Rhys for fantastic effort in writing.

Maisie for brilliant reading.


Class 2

Albi for superb writing.

Bethany for superb writing.

Michael for fantastic independent writing.

Harrison for always listening carefully.


Class 3

Thomas for excellent homework.

Lauren and Layla for their well prepared talk about art.

Imogen for working so hard in maths.



Some children went to Cliffe House this week and received awards.

Well done to Aaron, Phoebe, Thomas, Elizabeth and Beth.



Harry for football

Freya for ballet

Maisie for karate

Beth for swimming a mile

Noah for cyclocross

Archie for football and cricket

Amelia for gymnastics


Friday award assembly

Head teachers awards go to;

Class 3

Oscar for expressive poetry

Lily for hard work all year

Beatrice for great poetry

Jake for superb poetry

Lauren for fantastic swimming progress

Class 1

Evie for amazing science knowledge

Olivia for excellent work in phonics

Alice for always trying hard in phonics

Freddie for amazing addition

Class 2

Florence for fantastic plant knowledge

Sam for fantastic plant knowledge

Bobbie-Leigh for excellent poetry

Freya for always working hard

Theo for hard work

Toby for working hard


Swimming Gala success

Phoebe came 4th for front crawl

Beth was a finalist for breaststroke



Evie got her 20 metres swimming

Elizabeth got a drama award