May Day Awards



Star awards this week

Lauren, Zac, Oliver, Layla

Archie, Freya, Isabelle, Penny

Lilly, George, Elsie, Evie

Special awards

Isabelle for swimming 5 metres

Hugo for football under 7s

Penny and Isabelle for swimming

Noah for coming third at cyclocross and a special mention for Maisie and megan for representing the school.

Phoebe for pony club games


Happy Birthday to Isabelle in class 2







What is a good neighbour?

This week we have been thinking about being a good neighbour in our assemblies. Let's try to think of others, look after them and treat them how we would like to be treated ourselves.


Star Awards this week

Alfie, Maisie, Imogen, Lauren, Layla, Sebastian, Florence, Nellie, Louis, Maisie, Reece, George, Noah


On Friday table this week for lovely manners: Amelia, Jake, Nell, Penny


Well done to all those who got their Bronze, Silver or Gold awards.


Happy birthday Archie, Imogen and Beth.



Well done Penny for your amazing gymnastics certificates.


Thanks to all those who represented the school at cyclo cross next week.


Don't forget it's Maypole Festival next Friday.



Another hard working week …

We have been thinking about RESPECT this week.


Star Awards this week

Winnie – amazing rope climbing in PE

Lily, Abigail – fantastic writing

Louis – wonderful maths

Archie – writing

Rose – fabulous poster in RE

Toby – poster about respecting people

Albi – brilliant story writing

Oscar – rugby

Thomas – rounding in maths

Thomas and Holly – spelling

Well done everyone


Freddie and Evie – well done you did some lovely writing this week.

Mr Simmons reminded us all about the worry box in the hall.

Well done to all the Years ones who represented the school in cross country.

Happy Birthday to Toby, Thomas and Oliver

Well done Archie for your Rugby award, Freya for your creative award and Holly for your Bronze ice skating award.


Silver Awards this week – well done everyone

Noah, Lexie, Alice, Lily, Aaron

Gold Awards this week – fantastic work!!

Trixie, Evie, Mena



Class 1 My Bean Diary

Today in Class 1 we investigated what a seed needs in order to grow. We all planted a bean seed and await the results. We predicted that the seed will need the following to grow



Alfie said it that it will also need the goodness of the soil as well.

Mr. Simmons and Class 1





Friday Assembly

Class 1 star pupils were

Lily for brilliant writing

Maisie S for writing about toys

Alfie Hancock for Science knowledge

Louie for doubling in Maths


Class 2 star pupils

Bethany for writing about her adventure

Isabelle creative story

Michael for excellent maths

Archie for hard work all week

Class 3 star pupils





We are very proud of all of the children who gained awards outside of school this week;

Amelia got her grade 5 for gymnastics

Phoebe Sykes won the Prince Philip for Mounted games

Noah Sykes won 1st prize for Mounted games

Holly Wilde got her Bronze award for Ice Skating


Well done to the children in Class 3 who got their personal survival award at swimming;

Phoebe, Aaron, Jake, Beth, Oscar G, Zak


Congratulations to all in the Neball Team. Birdsedge's team were runners up in the High Five netball tournament.

Both Birdsedge teams won all of their matches but came second because of goal difference.